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26 Nov 2020...Wabasso...After a few trips in the Sweet Water, time to get back in the salt.  Preps for getting ready, swap out the freshwater rods and tackle boxes for their salt water kin.  Couple of hours of tunes, AC/DC with a dash of Nashville Jam, mental attitude is very important.  New one today, caught an advertisement on TV.  All players happy to get a gadget to hold their phones.  Fit in a cup holder.  Getting ready to put in for government aid to have cup holders installed in my truck and wife’s car.  Might not work too good with my flip phone
Fishing today was just a little hectic.  Snapper and U 2’s were everywhere.  Decided to avoid the back areas that I like, Quaker Whackers were out in force.  Found clean water, as usual no fish.  Started at Pine Island, several overactive Ladies and short Snapper.  Hobart Landing, Ladies, short Snapper and U 2’s. “X” spot, looking for Trout, more Snapper no Trout.  Spoil island, a confused short Trout.  Estuary, watched four big Snook in a row.  No cast, trying to ride out the twin wakes from an overgrown motor yacht.  Inside, a barely  legal Trout.  South bound traffic on the ICW was insane.  Secret hole, U 2’s and short Snook. Bethel Creek,  watched people having dinner.  3 Sheepshead, 2 legal and one short pitching docks.  Johns Island/Vero spotted a few real big Sheepies, but no takers.  Short canal, 6 legal Trout.  Head for home, stop at the Snook Dock.  Pulled the hook or jumped off 8 Snook.    Lure choice for today, Baby Vudu Shrimp, Matrix Shad (Midnight Mullet) and Rapala X Rap.  All players released for future encounters.


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,248 AG
    Nice John.. After being so tired from 3 AM wake ups for ducks and better weather for fish than ducks...I fished Friday way north...got a trout and ladies...and got refused by several nice Reds...and a bunch of big snook. I could not believe I could not give live mullet away...
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