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Venice Inlet Night Bite

Anchored up in front of Snake Island for the ebb last night.  Turned on the lights, hoping to see schools of white-baits.  I guess they're not here yet - should be any day now, right?

Anyhow, picked about 6 trout off within 30 min of the color change and then lady fish after that.  Live pinfish worked fine, as well as a small Spanish Mack jig (glass minnow).  After the trout left, ladyfish show up.  Played with them for 15 min and called it a night.

How about those little pilchards - any day now?  


  • bigfinn35bigfinn35 Sarasota/VenicePosts: 891 Officer
    Sounds like a fun night. I saw some schools of pilchards up in northern Sarasota Bay this morning so I think it'll be a bit yet before they move that far out, but who knows what'll happen after this weekend's cold front 
    Paddle faster, I hear banjo music.
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