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So I recently added some nice light tackle set ups to my arsenal. So now I have a combo for just about every inshore situation you could dream of. However, I wanted to see what everyones opinion on whats too light of braid. I was thinking about trying out 8lb power pro on my newest reel (2500 clash), but then kinda thought anything less then 10 sounds sketchy. What do ya’ll think? I fish mostly 7’ to 7’6” rods. Use to be a big fan of 8’, but now that I have the microskiff 8’ gets in the way. 


  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 870 Officer
    What’s the biggest fish you’ve caught inshore?  8lb with the right floro lead should beat about anything on that high end reel. 
  • cmhairecmhaire Posts: 137 Deckhand
    I figured with the drag set right I should be fine. I spooled it with 8lb yesterday, so guess we’ll see what happens lol
  • bswivbswiv Posts: 7,902 Admiral
    For what it is worth.....from a OLD GUY.......way back, like in the early 60s.......that being a point in time when "braid" meant DACRON or NYLON.........8-12# mono for tossing lures was much of a standard. How many fish over 10 pounds.....from reds to black bass.......were caught I can not say.....but a lot.

    As good as the drags are today and as attentive as you guys seem to be to what you are doing, it seems to me that you'll do good, quite good, with what you've set up.

    I just wish  did not need glasses to see 8# braid! And we'll not even talk about the difficulty of making fingers which have been used to much tie such fine stuff!

    I'm betting you do great.
  • cmhairecmhaire Posts: 137 Deckhand
    Thanks!! I think it’ll be fine too. I should be going out Tuesday so we will see how it goes! 
  • RedactionRedaction Posts: 1,610 Captain
    edited November 23 #6
    Only thing I’d add to this conversation is 8# doesn’t have quite as much abrasion resistance as 10#...our area is loaded with oyster beds. That and wind knots with 8# are a little tougher to get out as well. 
  • cmhairecmhaire Posts: 137 Deckhand
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