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Easy Button OFF

16 Nov 2020...C-54... Easy Button off.  Flows have stopped, now you have to hunt for Bass.  Managed to boat 10.  Biggest one was just over 14 inches.  Most of the Bass came on the Lindy Tube Jig.  Lots of Fry in the water this time of year so the small tube really works. Speck are starting to show a little size.  Managed 10, most of them in the 12 inch range.  Did a quick weight check on one, just a shade over a pound.  Speck hit all of the trolled lures, Salmo (Polish Made), Rapala Ultra Light Minnow and the Safety Pin Spinner.  Running the Salmo on heavy line hoping to get one of the big Cats. Searched for Copperheads, They were plentiful, but small.  Shell Crackers made up for the shortage of Copperheads.  First time in many years that I have seen them active.  Several in the half pound range and one just under 3/4ths of a pound.  Secret to the Speck, find the working Gar.  The Speck are under them.  All players released for future encounters.

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