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What to bring down for 5 days in the Sanibel area?


I'm going to be taking a trip down from NC around the end of June 2021 (21st through the 28th, fishing Sanibel from 22nd to 26th), and wanted to see what you'd suggest bringing down. Mornings will start by fishing snook on the beach, afterwards we'll be taking the kayaks out around the mangrove creeks going for whatever bites. Want to fish a mix of live bait and artificials. 

The only lure I'm dead set on bringing down so far is a few packs of Super Flukes and some lightly weighted swimbait hooks, because that's a confidence lure for me that I know how to fish well. What colors work well in the area? 

Past that, what else would you bring as far as a few lure choices and some terminal for live bait fishing the mangroves? 

One additional question - any good guide recommendations that can take 2 anglers out for a day with hopes of tarpon fishing about half the time, and hitting the wrecks/reefs for permit and whatever else bites the rest of the time? 

Tight lines


  • permit_mepermit_me Posts: 1,164 Officer
    Hi Frank. I used to know a Frank White back in the day from bluegrass festivals in the SE when I used to do audio...
    As for plastics and color, white and silver work better in clear water. Darker water, darker lures.
    Gulps work real well on reds. Rapalas do well with snook.

    The permit thing is better done first light, when and if the fish are up top. Head back in and then try for the tarpon. Or just stay inshore for the tarpon. If you do both, make sure capt has plenty of crabs, for both events, big and smaller ones. 
  • hcgrunt06hcgrunt06 Fort MyersPosts: 2 Greenhorn
    Frank, if you haven't already, post this on the southwest page.  Also, try a gulp shrimp on a jig head fishing the mangroves.
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