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Atlantic Beach bluefish and general fishing

DragoneishaDragoneisha Atlantic BeachPosts: 14 Deckhand
Last morning I caught more blues than I ever have. Went out at four, started out catching the biggest whiting I've ever seen in my life, an it was nothing but bluefish and baby whiting from there. They are shmovin'. 

The waves are gorgeous and the winds are nice. I'm excited to go out again.

I'll update with this morning's progress after I actually catch 'em. Me and a buddy are gonna go catching at 6 today. Y'all get out there before we do or I'm not leaving you any!


  • Bill DuaneBill Duane Posts: 309 Deckhand
    You probably already know but FWC changed the Bluefish bag limit to 3 per person. No one needs the man messing up a great day of catching.
  • DragoneishaDragoneisha Atlantic BeachPosts: 14 Deckhand
    I appreciate the warning, but "more blues than I ever have" was "more than one".... "more than I ever have" sounds better though doesn't it? I only got one keeper size that day.

    That day I posted, buddy and I managed four bluefish. Good eating size, too. Fried with all, I think eight? whiting we'd reeled in, and I had more filets in my freezer. He made the most delicious remoulade. 

    I love fishing.
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