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Looks like we dodged another one!

Really glad this thing did not come by a couple of months ago. Might have been a whole lot worse. 
Windfinder shows this weekend looking ok. Gags should be piled up on the bigger structure!
Thinking about going.........


  • Kokosing LoverKokosing Lover Posts: 1,055 Officer
    Eta turned out to be a sneaky F'er, eh?  A shift in the winds woke me up early this morning and I brought in all of my tomato plants and cleaned up all of my junk in the back yard.  I just finished tying the tomatoes up on the trellis yesterday, so you guys can blame this one on me.  Sunday might be worth fishing.
  • SeaSearcherSeaSearcher west FlPosts: 160 Deckhand
    Just got report from Oneill's Marina, water is up to rim on my trailer so that means it's probably inside the bait shop.  Hope the worst of the surge is over as the stronger winds look to be further north. Will see.
  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,573 Captain
    I am planning on going on Sunday.  EVERYONE be careful and be on the lookout.  There will be tons of floating debris out there for a while.  Going to check the boat in a few.  It was still above water on the lift about an hour before high tide.  I tied it down pretty good yesterday so should be fine but heading down there to check.
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  • hook_emhook_em Posts: 210 Deckhand
    Water came over the seawall at my house.  First time since I've lived  here.
  • SeaSearcherSeaSearcher west FlPosts: 160 Deckhand
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    All boats look good at Oneills, They posted some videos of lots and lifts on their FB page.

    If anyone had loose items stored there(coolers, dock boxes, life vests etc)  they are gathering up things that blew around and placing them in pile behind bait shop, have until Monday to claim. Get with them for info. 
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