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Fall Sheepshead Madness

Another November, another Sheepshead invasion. This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. Cooler weather, A change in the fishing pace, and good eating fish for the table. We've definitely been having a lot of fun.

Their sizes have been all over the place from barely legal, on up to 4 or 5 pounds. We got one last week right at 9 pounds however, that's very unusual for late October. Fall Sheepshead do tend to be on the smaller side. Inshore anyways.

Bait of choice so far this year has been Fiddler Crabs.

I prefer fishing deeper water ranging from 8 to 12 feet deep. Depending on the location, and how unrelenting the hang up's are, I'll use either a light Carolina Rig, or a Sheepshead jig. Lately though, I've been employing Carolina Rigs. I get a lot of beginner Sheepshead anglers and most find the vertical presentation easier to learn. A Sheepshead jig covers more area and can be deadly in the right hands. Problem with them from a charter fishing perspective is that they're difficult to master, and the snags can get infuriating. The old saying "keep it simple stupid" goes a long way on a charter boat.

Far as the "where" goes, that one's tricky. Both in the sense of finding them, and more so in the willingness to give up your fishing spots. When it comes the sheepshead, I spend a lot of time and effort locating those oh so precious hot spots so naturally, I wont be going into any specifics on locations. What I can tell you, is that they've been the most abundant from the Inlet, all the way to Fulton Cut. Docks, specifically docks with rocky sea walls, have been fire. And there are a lot of docks with rocky sea walls both on the Fulton Cut side of the river as well as the Ft. Caroline docks. And then of course, the usual more known hot spots like the Little Jetties, the Inlet, and the base rocks. With this turbulent election going on, the Navy has the base on full lock down. Security is through the roof right now. they're running multiple patrol boats and keeping the gate opened. So getting anywhere near those rocks is not going to happen. You'll have to dig deeper unfortunately. I certainly have....


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