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FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand
Good morning Northeast Florida anglers...Is anyone finding black sea bass inshore of keeping size yet? I am not sure if the water is cold enough yet...I would like to try to hit up some docks in my Kayak and see if I can limit! Need to find alternate species since the water has been getting colder.
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  • cftsmokecftsmoke JacksonvillePosts: 350 Deckhand
    Although I spend most of my time offshore, I've never found seabass inshore.  During the colder months, I have some good spots within 8 miles of the inlet where legal fish are found but never inshore.  Just my .02.
    2005 Everglades 290 Pilot.  Twin 250 Verados.
  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand
    @cftsmoke: I have caught many small sea bas on the top and bottom (mostly top) while flounder fishing. But that is when the water is warmer. I was told when it gets colder they get bigger. I imagine they do. I have a seabass hole 5 miles out that limits when it is colder every time. I can show you sometime just let me know! I'll put in for gas too. Its close so it is cheaper. Hit limit after a few hours! Also holds american reds. I might have caught that trigger there too. I don't really remember.
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 9,674 Admiral
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    Nice work. I live all the way down in Pompano Beach and I’ve only caught black Seabass in two years with cold winters in my whole life. They generally do not make it down this far but they are tasty little critters. FYI They were caught in 300 feet of water

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  • 4WARD4WARD Cross Creek,FLPosts: 2,483 Captain
    20 years ago, my buddy and I spent 5 hours cleaning sea bass on a very cold night after a very long couple days.
    Captain had a disagreement with the fish house and sent them home with us.
     I never regained my enthusiasm.
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  • ColoradoWaltColoradoWalt Posts: 73 Deckhand
    4WARD said:
    20 years ago, my buddy and I spent 5 hours cleaning sea bass on a very cold night after a very long couple days.
    Captain had a disagreement with the fish house and sent them home with us.
     I never regained my enthusiasm.
    Had a similar experience in my youth with a seine net and mullet. There were 4 of us that spent a day cleaning fish.
  • po28derpo28der Posts: 287 Deckhand
    I had a big problem finding them last year for some reason.  I used to have them dialed in but I moved to Chicago for a few years and I did not fish offshore for many years and just got back into offshore fishing. I really want to catch them this year. 
  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand
    @po28der: Get us on a boat and I'll put you on! No lie! Soon as this weekend. I'll be in VA the weekend after then I'll be back in Florida the weekend after Thanksgiving! Keep an eye on the surf reports for a calmer day, I have a ton of Vacay time if you want to do it on a weekday. Let me know!

    The spot is not that far offshore so we won't burn a lot of gas and it wont take long to limit! Let me know as my fishing buddy will be moving back to FL soon and he is lining up boats now so...
  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand
    SEABASS Update: Caught 3 baby seabass in the Kayak off structure in Pablo Creek area. They are usually not out there until the water is much colder. Still probably a month and a half out before they start getting bigger there.

    Anyone seeing bigger off the docks closer to the mouth of the river?
  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand
    FATBOYz FISHin FINALLY GETTING BACK OFFSHORE!!! Thanks to the diligence of FATBOY #1, the FATBOYZ DUO is finally getting back offshore this SUNDAY to hit the SEABASS HOLES!!! GUARANTEED TO LIMIT!!! I will post pictures and then maybe someone will PUT ME ON THEIR BOAT to get some too!!! COME ON GUYS!!!
  • cftsmokecftsmoke JacksonvillePosts: 350 Deckhand
    After the holidays perhaps. If it lays down, I want to get deep tho.  Down in west palm right now, went diving and ran into mahi within 2 miles of the beach.  Just not fair. 
    2005 Everglades 290 Pilot.  Twin 250 Verados.
  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand


    FATBOYz FISHin’ OFFSHORE GYM: Went 16-20 miles OFFSHORE w/LOCAL LEGEND (bodybuilder, not fisher) JUSTIN COMPTON & FATBOY#1. Did not launch until about 9:30, as bodybuilders like to enjoy their NIGHTLY STEROID COMA (JUST JOKING JUSTIN, don't beat me up). A small sea turtle came by the launch to wish me a good day and show that the good did not mind me missing church for the day!!

    HAD TO WEED THROUGH A MESS OF DECENT SIZE RED SNAPPERS: Caught a ton of ENDANGERED (HAHAHA) AMERICAN RED SNAPPER! At least 10 "RED FISH" TOTALING #35+. JUST COULDN'T KEEP ANY!!! FOUR OF THEM (PICTURED ABOVE WERE #5-#8. No Red Snapper were harmed in the making of this post!! There were caught in 85'-95' of water, so I did not have to vent them, only vent their stomach a couple times and they were returned unharmed.

    GREAT MOTHER OCEAN WAS SO PLEASEDShe awarded many SEABASS AND A TRIGGER in exchange!!! Also a butt ton of crab bait (grunts). Unfortunately did not limit as we left later than expected and were catching a lot of fat 12"-12.5 inchers (at LEAST a DOZEN that size). STILL A GOOD HAUL!!!

  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand


    SEABASS STILL OUT 'DER: I have been fighting a mild flu and a SUPER-STOMACH BUG for the last few weeks so I did not get the opportunity to take advantage of last Sunday's beautiful offshore conditions; fortunately FATBOY #1 stepped it up and provided me with an update of the seabass status offshore. He sad it was a slow day but he was still able to pull up FOUR BIG DADDY SEABASS so you know that he probably caught a couple dozen undersized ones as well. Also caught a bunch of bycatch which led to a decent haul for 2 people. Had better days but still can't complain. -->SECRET TO HARVESTING BLACKTIP SHARK: Shark must be bled out IMMEDIATELY<--
  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand


    The boat I was going on offshore will be down for a couple of weeks SOOOO... HIT ME UP!!! Will contribute with a blend of gas $$, bait, knowledge, and perhaps a CATCH N COOK!!!
  • livebait1livebait1 west JaxPosts: 149 Deckhand
    Quit whining-buy a boat
  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand
    Glad to see that you have put the time & effort forth to troll other's posts instead of anything else useful or productive.

    Please refrain from posting negative commentary on this thread and provide instead something insightful in regards to BLACK SEABASS in NE FLORIDA.

    I do not wish to block you from this thread as you might find some of the information useful in the future.

    Thanks! Fatboy #2
  • livebait1livebait1 west JaxPosts: 149 Deckhand
    Dear Sir-please block me-After 14 years I find nothing refreshing or informative about persons trying to get a cheap ride on a boat. 
  • dihrddihrd Posts: 209 Deckhand
    Seabass pipeline closed like keystone.  The trawl fleet of Nc and Va have big quotas.  Started about 4 years ago when they shut down flounder trawling.  They get scooped up before they can come south.  I live “up the beach” from ne fl and our bass fishing had been poor for the last few years. 
  • FatBoyzfishingFatBoyzfishing JacksonvillePosts: 168 Deckhand
    Hey guys... The window to SLAY some SEABASS is closing and I have only been offshore once this season. The boat I went on is out of commission right now so I'll put it out there one more time... I have got THREE KILLER SEABASS HOLES out there and can show ANYBODY how to catch them. 90% chance that we limit out in like 2 hours. If anyone is interested, I will put in on gas and bring my own bait. Let me know guys...
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