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Headwaters Lake

23 Oct 2020...Headwaters Lake, a 10,000 acre Bass fishing dream come true.  Only drawback, the ramp is not the best design, 2 slots with a dock in the middle.  Would have been better with a 3 wide slab with a dock on either end.  Forget the 25 MPH rule, big Bass boats can not run that slow.  Boat rigs looked a little unusual.  3 bait casters, 2 fairy sticks, 6 spinners.  Will take a few trips to learn the layout and find good structure.  Started the day with a hollow Frog.  In Virginia, had two real exciting catches on a Frog.  First was a Copperhead snake that was not very happy.  Second was a Cottonmouth, really had a serious attitude.  Today, my first four hits on the Frog resulted in quick releases.  Found a hard bank, wind from the right direction. Working the Rapala Ultra Light Minnow, quit counting at 25, Bass were steady.  Ranged from 6 to 14 inches.  3 Bream fell victim, each just under ½ pound.   One Speck, encouraged, went on the hunt for Specks, found 4 more, no Slabs.  Played hunt and seek most of the day.  Hard not to find Bass.  All players released.  Had a terrible thought, might buy one of those fish finders.  Bad idea, would take most of the fun out of the hunt.  Quacker hunters may have a little interference this year. 

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