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Going Deep

xeniaxenia Posts: 789 Officer
Took advantage of a clear night Tuesday and headed to Big Cypress.  Could have been a little cooler and dryer, but no clouds at all.  The Milky Way was very evident so I had to get a shot of it.

Also got this one of Galaxy M33 in Triangulum.

Nikon D7200 camera.  The Milky Way was shot piggyback on the scope with a 16-80 mm lens at 20mm, F3.  640 ISO, 100 frames of 20 seconds each.  M33 was shot with the camera through a 8" Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with focal reducer to F6.3, 3200 ISO, 135 frames of 20 seconds.  The best component of course is the dark site.  Nothing beats a dark sky, but it's gotten a lot brighter in the last 30 years since Miami and Naples have grown so much.  Still processing a couple of other shots, but even if those don't work I'm happy with these two.


  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,481 Officer
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    i would assume your tele has a motor that compensates for the rotation of the earth.
    How many degrees does it rotate the tele in 20 seconds ?
    Very impressive.
  • xeniaxenia Posts: 789 Officer
    Thanks.  The tracking speed can be adjusted a so can the alignment.  I spent about an hour getting that aspect of it as close as possible.  I start by pointing the axis toward the north star, then use what's called the drift method to fine tune the alignment.  This consists of using a high-power eyepiece with crosshairs and pointing it first to a star directly south of the north star and watching for any drift and making adjustments accordingly.  Then you aim at a star low to the east and do the same.  You keep repeating this process until there is no drift in the scope.  I also adjust the speed depending on any east-west drift.  I was setup pretty good, since after 45 minutes on one object it was still in the center of the field.  Doesn't always happen this way.  Some more sophisticated systems use guiding cameras to automatically make adjustments to your alignment based on any drift, but I'm still doing it the very old fashioned way.  I got one other target that came out OK, galaxy NGC 253.  My other two targets were a bust, so I guess I went 3 for 5.

  • Jstubby2Jstubby2 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    Wow , you have definetly stepped up your game. Would like to see more post on photography. I Have been a passive viewer for 30 years & look forward to new post. There are a lot of talented people here, love seen your work over the year's.

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