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Stradic 4000 FG - needs pawl

whomewhome FLPosts: 1 Greenhorn
This is the pearl white reel with wooden handle. According to my local shop, the oscillating pawl is broken. The reel and the parts are all discontinued. I have not done an extensive, call every shimano shop in the country, type search. Yet. But suffice to say I have tried a bit and cannot find the part. If you have the part and you would consider parting with it,  PM me. Love the reel and prefer to have it to use. If you want to buy my broken reel, PM me. I have the second spool. We'll figure out a price.


  • BobberreduxBobberredux Posts: 12 Deckhand
    Persistence pays,except when looking for Stradic FG parts.
    But, I do have 4000FG in fine working order you can have for $40 plus shipping.
    No green, a few nicks. Last Stradic ever made in Japan.
    PM your cell for pics.
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