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Another Slow Day

6 Oct 2020...Wabasso/Vero...Another slow day.  Water levels are still way up.  The rain seems to have cleared the water up, a lot of clear areas, a lot of suspended solids hindering sight casting.  Dismal day for Tarpon, went 0 for 3.  First one jumped off right at the hookset.  Next one at least ran a little before it jumped off.  The third was right at the boat when it took its freedom leap.  Johns Island/Vero loaded with Mullet, babies up to grandpa.  They were accompanied by packs of Jacks.  Did not bother to cast, searching for Sheepshead.  Saw a few, but no takers.  Snapper and Snook were the main players today.  Boated 9 Snook and could not count the Snapper.  Many of the Snapper measured right at 10.25 inches.  Snapper were right on the Mangrove edges at just about every stop.  Snook were back in the deeper pockets.  Started seeing diamonds off of the Mangroves.  Working the Baby Vudu Shrimp produced 3 Trout, one Baby and a pair of 18 inchers. Popping cork reborn.  Worked it on the Hobart flat.  Ladies went Beast Mode.  Lost several.  Best shot , a 5 pound sail Cat.  They put up a good fight.  All players released for future encounters.  


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