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super slam! NSB report 9.29

I was fortunate enough to schedule a week off work during the peak of the mullet run this year and am about halfway through my fishing vacation. Spent the previous days mostly fishing the inlet with solid redfish action and a few other fish, but stayed inshore today since it was a little breezier.

Started down in the backcountry towards Edgewater flipping finger mullet under a cork up into the mangroves. Caught a decent trout pretty quick, followed by a couple small snook. Ran further south almost to JB's looking for tarpon, but no luck. Tried the mangrove shorelines there and got one more little snook. 

Since I hadn't seen any tarpon and the bite on the smaller fish was slowing down, I decided to just anchor and put some baits out in a spot near where two channels intersect where I've had luck before. Sure enough, after about 20 minutes, my freelined mullet gets crushed and about a 30lb tarpon goes airborne, followed by a quick fight and clean release. I gave it another half hour there since I'd gotten bit so quickly just to see if I'd get another, but at 1pm I knew the rest of the day was all about the redfish.

I tried the bridge, drifted the ICW for a bit, dodged a couple storms, and before long it was 4:30pm and I was running out of time. I set up on a point that's usually lively and threw a couple baits shallow and a couple out on the deeper side. Hooked up pretty quick, but false alarm as it was about a 5lb jack. A few minutes later though, I got the one I needed with a red in the low-mid 20"s that ate one of the baits up close to the shoreline. Followed it up with a second for good measure and called it a day.

Final total 1 trout, 3 snook, 1 tarpon, 2 redfish, and normal assortment of inshore bycatch. 


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