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Any sword reports from this weekend?


  • cbenarrochcbenarroch Posts: 9 Deckhand
    Hello, yes I went yesterday the whole day no a single bite. About 10 boats sword fishing in the morning and I did not see anyone fighting.Most of them left at noon. in the afternoon there were 4 boats, one if the hooked up and fought for hours, we were motivated to stay until 7 pm and nothing. The fight was not a sword was a thresel shark from the report I saw in IG later last night. Not worth it to go until they show up here, they are in Islamorada but no here yet. Please report any positive news we are all informed and go get them. Thanks!!! 
  • xeniaxenia Posts: 789 Officer
    Sounds familiar.  I had freshly caught dolphin belly the last time and nothing either.

    Just a lot of watching this:

    We did see a Blue Marlin jump just outside of us.  Maybe I should go marlin fishing next time, have more chance of getting one of those than a sword these days.
  • catchemupcatchemup Posts: 330 Deckhand
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    Went yesterday with a group of my steady anglers. Not my skill set so we had a sword fishing guide onboard who knew his stuff...worked darnn hard but no bites all day. Had a terrific encounter with a school of "not the primary target species" though ! Will post later.
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