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King Tide

18 Sept 2020...Wabasso/Vero...Slow day.  Can blame it on the king Tide.  Arrived at the ramp at what should have been low tide.  Water level was about where the normal high tide would be.  Would prove to be a major detriment to the days catching, fish stacked way back in the Mangroves.  Easy Button is on, schools of Finger Mullet all over.  Pine Island and Hobart Landing ultra slow.  Decide to take a shot at Hole In The Wall.  Slow only real action, cast back into a pocket, hung over a small branch.  Line starts to move out away from the edge.  Now or never hook set, felt lame, but line came off of the branch and drew tight.  Second pump and we were off.  Wound up being  a 23 inch Tarpon.  Another perfect hook set, penetrated the top jaw.  Nothing at North Sister.  Another boat working between the Sisters.  Left to try the spoil islands, a few small Snapper.  Back into Bethel Creek, again only a very few small Snapper.  Johns Island/Vero, water a disaster real deep tannin color.  Cast to the Mangrove trough, solid hit.  Hoping for a Trout.  Turned out to be a 23 inch Red.  Johns Island Bridge, lost a mid range Snook, current carried the boat under the bridge, no room to work, pulled the hook.  Rain moving in, head North.  Quick stop at Pine Island tip.  Good cast into the Mangroves, solid hit.  Fighting the fish, current and wind.  Finally got it in, 26.75 inch Red.  Worked the island, hoping for a big Trout or Snook.  Only Snook, just under 20 inches.  All players released for future encounters.


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