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Cobia or Kingfish?

Anybody catching any cobia or kingfish yet? I know it’s still a little early for both, but I’m just curious if they’ve started showing up.


  • FinalRoudFinalRoud SW FloridaPosts: 6 Deckhand
    I'm curious if anyone has caught any also. I did see a good number of bait schools in the 40 to 50 foot depths on our way back to Boca Grande Pass last week from 120 feet. So, we could start seeing some kings soon I hope. I''m thinking another two to three weeks and they might be worth targeting.
  • jbsrqjbsrq Posts: 230 Deckhand
    In my experience we are too early for kings. Not sure your exact area be I am out of Sarasota and we generally don't see any decent numbers of kings until the first cold fronts start and the water temperature gets in to the 70s. I have heard of the occasional cobia being caught out deep but nothing consistent.  
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