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Any info on a BGH custom rod from 2001?

Got my hands on a rod that I received as a youngin and curious if any of you folks could shed any light on it to help satisfy my curiosity.
If my memory serves, my father won the rod at a charity silent auction in Daytona Beach and theres an inscription on the rod that reads "Custom by BGH".


  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,901 Captain
    Good luck, most local builders have their own brand on the rods we build... You're hoping for someone in the Daytona area during that time frame remembering whoever it was (and maybe just maybe they're still building them...).

    I built my first rod in 1971 - and became active as a custom builder down here in south Florida by the mid-seventies, doing everything from fly rods all the way up to matched sets for big boats.. I quit building for anyone other than myself by the early 90's... My logo?  That's an easy one, "LeMay-Miami" and there might just be one or two still around from all those years ago... 

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