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CWFliesCWFlies StuartPosts: 96 Deckhand
Been hitting the beach the past two weeks. Pretty much getting a hand full of snook each day. No monsters. All 20-30". Still waiting on that 40" fish from the beach this year. Jumped a few tarpon as well and got a surprise redfish. Only the second redfish I have caught from the beach here in Stuart. Flies of choice have been yak minnows and surf candies. I'll probably do a video this weekend on the yak minnows. I need to start bringing a camera man with me to get better pictures and get some photos of **** jumping since I don't land them from the beach unless they are under 40lbs. 


  • sunflowersunflower Posts: 569 Officer
    Nice work!
    Are you casting from a beach, or a jetty?
    Those backdrops look like something other than sand ...


    grace finds goodness in everything ...

  • CWFliesCWFlies StuartPosts: 96 Deckhand
    Both. I don't get on the jetty rocks but we have a small seawall next to the jetty that goes out into the water. You can walk out about 30-40 ft and use that to cast down the beach for snook or cast our into deeper water if the tarpon are hanging out further. I am not sure what the point of the seawall being there is but it is great when there is bait around as everything gets pushed right up against it.
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