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Stratic fi 6000- part out or sell as is

I have a Stratic fi 6000 that started slipping when cranking fighting a fish. Took it apart and it needs a new drive gear. Being this reel has been discontinued years ago and replacement parts are virtually non existent. I’ve looked at the usual places online and no one has this part. 
The reel is in pretty good condition considering it’s age with the gear being to only issue with it. 
 My question is,  should I try and part it out or sell as is as a complete reel with the drive gear disclosure?
When researching for the gear, there are a lot of used parts but no “complete” reels. 
I also have 2 extra spare spools that should bring a good price as well. 
Whatcha think?


  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,842 Captain
    First... did you verify with Shimano that they no longer have that part?  If and when you contact them your next step is to get their list of authorized service centers then contact a few of them directly to see if they might actually still have that gear (and if at all possible always buy both pinion and main gear when doing any gear replacement - a new gear working with an old worn gear simply doesn't work very well..). 

    Lastly, the choice to part out a reel or sell it "as is" noting that it's only suitable as a parts reel will be your decision.  You'll make a buck either way -but you need to know that most reel parts last forever, rarely ever needing replacement - the parts that do wear out - the gears, springs, handles, bails, line rollers and bearings will sell but you'll still be holding everything else forever... Spools are always in demand however so spools in good condition will probably move whether you've parted out the reel or sold it "as is"... 

    You said that the gears were "slipping" and that raised a flag for me since gears either work or they don't. You weren't talking about the anti-reverse failing were you?  If that's the case it can be fixed and usually without buying a single part....
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  • SC53SC53 Posts: 565 Officer
    Bob when reeling-cranking the handle would make grinding sound and slip as if it missed some teeth and would then re-engage. I don’t think it’s the anti, just doesn’t feel like that. 
    When I took it apart I could see wear on the gears. 
     I’ve hit a number of shops but not all by a long shot. 
    I am continuing to search but coming up empty so far. 
    Yes I think getting both is the correct thing to do, even if the pinion looks fine. That I can find. 
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