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SLOW day @ the Pass

Launched Sunday w/ water temp @ 82f. Headed to the beach looking for an epic topwater bite. A SE wind at 15+ DID NOT help. A few blow-ups but zero fish. Did have a large? snook hit my topwater and it ran until the leader got cut. 
Into the Morgan River for as many catfish on bucktails/curltails tipped with shrimp you might want. Did manage a 12" mango on a shrimp/cork combo. Out to a little mangrove island on the inside. A few short mango's. No trout, reds, snook. Could not manage a ladyfish for chunking either. 1 Jack and the obligatory hardhead/sailcats. Tough day..........wind hindered many of my 'better" spots.
Might go out Tuesday for another great tide @ sun-up and prayerfully avoid too many jet-ski's and rec boaters. 
Until then, still looking for a job but enjoying the 10K as I can. 
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


  • nobleonenobleone Posts: 83 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report, Kid.  I took some friends with me on Saturday because the bite had been so good for the past few weeks.  Of course the topwater bite was non existent and had a hook straighten on the only redfish hookup I had.  If it weren't  for small snapper, well, we would have had no fish at all.  Will try again next week! 

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  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,963 Captain
    Here's something to consider the next time nothing you're doing is working... Simply look for moving water - and when you find it give it a try.... The second tactic is something I'd never try with a fly angler aboard since you need an easy wind and clean water for tossing flies.  When the wind is blowing a bit look for places where the wind is pushing onto a shoreline or onto a point (even better...).  The water won't be very clear and you'll have to anchor, stake out or use a Power Pole to even be able to fish  - but you also might find a fish or two where you didn't expect to.... 

    Simply put the fish got to eat - and when the conditions don't line up the way they want - they go somewhere else... Finding that "somewhere else" may not work at all, but when you do find them - hang on... 
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  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 1,407 Officer
    Good advice Captain. During the summer i always fish the wind blown side. I believe higher oxygen content draws in the fish!
    Thanks for the report Kid!
    Jason :USA
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