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NSB report 7/25-26

Saturday - worked our way down into the backcountry closer to edgewater. Saw a few tarpon rolling but no bites, had a couple small snook on that threw the hook near the boat. Headed out toward the inlet for the afternoon. Tons of sargassum pulled in with the incoming tide and actually had a decent number of small tripletail under it. They were tiny but I couldn't resist throwing a shrimp to a couple of them. Finished with a small-ish snook in the inlet.

Sunday - slept in and hit the inlet for about four hours ~10:30-2:30 aiming to fish the cleaner cooler water on the incoming. Got a baby tarpon and a 35" red. I was hoping to complete the slam with a snook since I'd caught one there yesterday but couldn't find one. The redfish ate a small crab, tarpon on a pinfish. Wish I had a better pic of the tarpon but it shook off boatside before I got ahold of him, so just got the blurry one of it in the air.


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