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When is the best time to find blackfin off of Stuart

What time of year are blackfin typically found off of Stuart? I’ve read they come through spring and fall. I’m thinking about trying my hand for some this fall or winter. Thx 


  • Diggity6186Diggity6186 Posts: 149 Deckhand
    Now.. Late spring to early fall. Smaller ones are around PBH. Bigger ones on live bait and light leaders closer to 8 mile. Past couple years they've been few and far between unfortunately. Used to go to PBH and guarantee a few almost every trip. Not sure this is much help. If you run into a ton of bait, maybe try live bait chumming? Outside of 120' my bet depending water quality. Bonito are thick though. 
  • fishthe772fishthe772 Stuart FLPosts: 18 Deckhand
    This has been a really good year for them compared to the last. At least in my experience they have been shallower than expected got a 20+ lb blackfin in 90 foot range. 
    Growing up it's been talked that the beginning of summer brings a wave and then mid September-october is one of the best times of year out of Stuart 
  • fishthe772fishthe772 Stuart FLPosts: 18 Deckhand
    Forgot to add Diggity6168 is right that if you're here in the fall/winter just get out to push button as early as possible and troll mini daisy chains made with the little squid skirts (I believe blue water candy sells them pre made if you like) and you should get a good catch of footballs before they go too deep 
    I've had the most success with daisy chains and a bird in the prop wash and this might just be superstition but they usually seem to love blue and white baits
  • brianbbrianb Posts: 2,402 Captain
    They seem to have been more south this year, Boynton, Pompano, etc. I know someone caught about a 20lb in LW today. IMO.   
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