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Bad day, flounder saved it

shallowvshallowv Posts: 463 Deckhand
Was all rigged up to kingfish out of Vilano.  Hit the ramp at 630.  Cleared the inlet through the small north cut, went one mile looking for bait and turned around.  It was a confused, sloppy, cranky sea with a big wind out of the south and east.  Worked way to hard to catch finger mullet.  Struck out most of the day in the first few creeks north of vilano.  Then, got MORE bait!  Didn't give up, buried myself in a quiet creek and FINALLY made the day with a 20 inch flounder.  There  are a lot of small mullet around. 

I had a great winter fishing, but everything since Feb has been a struggle.  But, it is satisfying to fight through and go home with a good meal.  


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