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Sunday @ the Pass. Slow...then decent!

Launched @ 7am, water temp 84f and incoming tide.  Started at a small island near an 8-foot deep channel. Big snook crashes the topwater and misses. 20 more minutes, nothing. To the SE corner of Cape Romano.......nothing.  Into the Morgan River and the girlfriend gets an 18" trout on a bucktail jig. I slayed the catfish on a 4" curltail grub tipped with shrimp. Decided to take a chance and head to the beach. I'm now throwing a 5" blue Yo-Zuri and the GF tossing a red/white bucktail.  We are fishing 100 yards off the dirt.....She gets a 16" trout, an 18" bluefish and a couple jacks. I get a 24" snook, 14" trout and a couple jacks. Back to the little island with the Zuri @ about 10:30.  Finally, big fish! GF does a great job with the net and a 32-1/2" snook gets a few pictures and back to the water. Then, tossed the Zuri, and stopped to talk to the GF. Bang on the lure and a 12" mangrove snapper hit the paused lure! Got a ladyfish for chunking for the cut @ Kice Island. 2 rods out, and GF gets a 3-foot bonnethead on the jig!  Started slow and then turned pretty decent.  Will be out hopefully Sunday. Be safe out there. Fishing in the 10k is probably one of the best ways to social distance!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


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