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Long term KW parking... non-residents into Monroe come late Aug?

So, I know public beaches are closed, no alcohol after 11, restaurants closed after 11, and boat ramps closed to folks who aren't paying for local accommodations.

My plan was to drive down in late August and hop on a boat for 4-5 days of liveaboard cruising / fishing.  I guess questions I have are:

1.  In a normal year where would you recommend I live a vehicle in KW while on the boat?

2.  If things continue, do you all think Monroe Co will even be letting folks into the county from out of town?  Might they shut down again like the did back in April (or whenever it was).

Who knows if this will even happen.  It may be beginning to get a little too complicated. The private marina that was lined up as a base of operations for the majority of the boat's stay (I'd just be going down for that 4-5 day jaunt on board) is no longer allowing any folks to use docks due to covid.  Was a great place for boat to get water, power and ice.

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  • mikeloewmikeloew Posts: 362 Deckhand
    I am a bit confused, will you have a trailer also? If not and are looking to just park a car long term, you might check one of the private parking lots and see what kind of a deal they will give you. Maybe also try putting an ad on KW craigslist asking if a private land owner is interested in some extra cash, I would however be careful with that one, lots of scammers. 

    As far as  Monroe Co letting folks into the county from out of town, my bet is after their last illegal roadblock, they are probeley facing lawsuits and have figured out they do not have the power to do that. I don't see that happening again.JMO. 

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  • ChannelTwoChannelTwo Posts: 48 Deckhand
    If just a car the airport has long term parking.
  • mikeloewmikeloew Posts: 362 Deckhand
    Yes but I believe the cost is $14-$18 a day.  That gets expensive very fast. 
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  • piner_wahoo1piner_wahoo1 keysPosts: 278 Deckhand
    forget kw parking and dont even think of parking a trailer on the street!
  • mike_smike_s Posts: 442 Deckhand
    Launch at Garrison Bight and park in the side lot.  We have done 3 - 4 days there many times with no problem. 
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,246 Moderator
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    Driving down in just vehicle, then hopping on a boat.  Will likely require having to hoof it with a few personal items, but most our personal effects will already be on the boat.

    Airport... well, duh.  Not sure why I hadn't thought of that.

    CL is a good idea.

    Looks like there are a couple parking garages for like $25-$30 / day.  Not the end of the world, but if possible, it would be nice to not spend $100+ on parking.
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
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