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Fishing Report

I had a friend down for a couple of days of fishin’, guitarin’, and general debauchery. In addition to our usual snook and redfish he wanted to tangle with a shark so, with some guidance from you guys, we hooked four of the brutes. We were fishing a channel by dismal key with a big Jack head and the first one we hooked almost pulled me off my feet when I came tight to it as I was walking to the front of the boat. We never did see that one as it just pulled out line and became unhooked. We caught one that we were not sure what it was. Can someone identify it for me?

we also caught a bunch of small to medium sized snook and redfish as well as a small Goliath grouper. I got that one by skipping a gulp shrimp under the mangroves.

Big fun and a memorable week for a couple of old friends. Thanks again for the shark fishing advice!


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