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The mahis wont leave me alone

SkippyDSkippyD Pembroke PinesPosts: 61 Deckhand
 Believe it or not I went back out again yesterday (7-14). I had some buddies come down for the day because they wanted to get on the fish with me. Left the dock by 6:30, stopped to get pilchards and started running out. Slicker day and it was beautiful. Saw little life on the run out until we hit the 600' mark, there was an awesome weedline with few birds, we gave it a few minutes and kept running. Ran all the way to 1000' and nothing...I was getting worried. Started running to the southwest and after 5 miles or so we came across birds working. My buddy got up in the front and when we got 100 feet from the birds fish were everywhere. We worked the area and got 9 keepers but about 50 shaker sized fish. Called it by 11:30 to try for muttons. We ran to a few numbers ive got lots of fish before. We started drifting but it was a slow bite. No muttons for us but on the 3rd drift a sailfish started free jumping 100 yards off our bow so we ran up on him and threw a pilchard and he crushed it. Chased him down and got him within 15 feet for a leader touch then we broke him off. Awesome bonus fish for us that capped the day off. 


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