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FPI 7/3

First time out in some time. Headed out to flat calm conditions at around 9am. There was a decent school of threadfin just north of the last buoy. Jigged up about 2 dozen and head to the reef at 90 feet. It was lake flat and hot as hell. However, the bottom fishing was horrible. We dropped on all the good ledges for nothing. We did get bit off by a couple sharks. Finally decided to chum all we had and just drift. Water was a beautiful blue at 81.6. After 30 minute the flatline screams. 15 minute later land a false albacore/little tuna. About 15 lbs. Next, the peanut dolphin move in. 20-25 inches. Fun on 8 lb test.  We kept a couple and let the rest go. Only caught one barely legal snapper all day and a bunch of grunts. Saw a couple sportys come in flying flags. Sailfish galore, looks like they were south.


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