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Friday fishing

It's best to hit the water early for me.  On the water by 0615, headed into the back. Weather was hot already, sun just coming up, water was coming in at the last 1/3 of the riser. Fished the topwater Spook Jr., bone colored on a mangrove shoreline in the lee of a light breeze and got about a dozen smaller snuke to 25".  Pulled the pretty red out of a most likely spot right after catching one of the 20" snukes in the same spot.

Moved out into the bay a bit and got the 2 nice lower slot snukes as the water was coming up.  As you can see the Spook Jr. eventually gave up the ghost (didn't they used to use a screw to secure the tailhook, this is only a springloaded type clip) and I switched to an orange and brown one but the bite had died by then, 0830.

Finished the trip by heading out front but I couldn't find any fish on the high tide, water hadn't started moving enough, I guess.  Back to Goodland before 1000 to clean the boat. All fish released for another day.

I know you guys are out there fishing, the lack of reports is so disheartening.  This board used to be a hotbed of posts and pictures, I learned a ton of info from the members posting, it is sad to witness the decline.

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  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,795 Captain
    Great report, and you're right on about how much less this forum is than it was a few years back... Sad.
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    Bob LeMay
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  • polliwogpolliwog Posts: 291 Deckhand
    Good report, Those spooks produce like crazy,but the quality of the body leaves something to be desired.  I doubt they would hold up to a 40"er.  I have half a dozen that look like your's. At least a few were the result of a big fish.
    I am up north now and I suspect others may also have headed north.  I also notice that there are a small number of regulars who post reports.  The same mindset is up in NE.  No one posts about how they have done ,risk of a crowd messing things up.  SWFL has so much more diversity of opportunity it doesn't make sense not to post reports as long as THEY AREN'T TOO SPECIFIC.
  • BobberreduxBobberredux Posts: 5 Deckhand
    Looking back on it,this 10k section really started to take off 20 years ago. Lots of reports,lots of friends made, lots of good knowledge shared. Sog O Rama, Showdowns (which led directly to the FFT series out of Flamingo). Late night dinners at the Seafood Depot or the Tiki Hut at the Barron River Resort, cardboard signs ranking the trailer loading at its ramp when the tide was ripping.....
    AFAIK, there is no other forum which concentrates on this area, Marco to Broad River, like this one does.
    So yeah, it aint what it used to be. Mostly I blame FS itself,poor management killed off a once vibrant community. But I can't blame them entirely, people's prioritys and participation change, especially when they can't log in using their original logins.
    Me,I would post reports if I had any: health issues for me and then my wife have limited my time on the water.
    For those still posting: please keep it it up, I hope to be back this fall and will resume reports then, in the meantime I'm living vicariously through you.
    And I don't care what anyone says, there aint no fish North of Indian Key...y'all need to launch at OR and go south....
  • Paucan6005Paucan6005 Port of the islandsPosts: 53 Deckhand
    I agree! No fish north of Indian key! Don’t bother coming up. Us uns that fish up here appreciate y’all staying south!!! LOL
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 633 Officer
      No fish North of Indian Key,is there some sort of a net or barrier
    stopping the fish from coming North?Or maybe the water South
    is in the mid 70's and North of Indian 95+.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,795 Captain
    Water's hot everywhere.... 84 at dawn in most of the places I launch from (if it's not higher...).
    Tight Lines
    Bob LeMay
    (954) 435-5666
  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,155 Officer
    90 plus inshore around Naples
    "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain
  • Paucan6005Paucan6005 Port of the islandsPosts: 53 Deckhand
    It was a joke response to “ there’s no fish north of Indian key” . I fish the 10k constantly and there’s plenty of fish. Just tides, clarity, time of day , bait presence, etc. 
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 633 Officer
      Fishing today is different in 10k area that maybe in the past.Fri.
    we were out,almost all conditions were not in our favor.Full moon,
    falling barometer,water temp 89 degrees and well North of Indian
       But three reds,lots of legal mangroves,several snook and the
    oddest of all,one very big tarpon in very shallow water.
       Then an article appeared in Naples News saying snook are
    now being caught in Jaxville and Pensacola areas.
        I'm no guide,but for me tarpon gone when water temp
    hits 75 and snook gone at 80.And over the years has been a
    good guide but not this year.
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