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 Left out of the boynton inlet in the early afternoon Saturday. Ran south a bit to find some ballyhoo. Got 1 decent y.t. while looking for ballyhoo. Picked up & trolled N out to 400' & in to the edge in 120' where there was a nice rip/color change, with scattered weed. We had 1 knockdown along the rip. 
 Stopped in the 3 ledges area on the outside of the edge. We emiditaly had no less than five 5'-8' sharks on us. No point in dropping the SPJ rod with the sharks on us. Put down some mutton rods. One got slammed on the way down by a Bonita. 
 We moved on & back out. Where we were pleasantly greeted by no sharks, but slow fishing. Mutton rods back out. Flat lines out. Started with the SPJ rods again. Only one contact on the strong action tone SPJ rod with 250g jig. The current was fast on the surface, but judging by the jigs, near nonexistent on the bottom. One of the mutton rods got hit on the drop. Peeling drag the GF faught it for a few minutes & got cut off. By the way it was fighting & running it was a big king, or hoo. No surprise it's teeth managed to find the light mutton leader.  
 We found a nice rip & stuck with it. Dropped the medium action SPJ rod & two twitches latter had a good size almaco Jack landed. For the anglers first SPJ fish on his second drop ever. Next drop one twitch & wham a slow & steady offshore run for 3 or 4 hundred yards. Ended up with a cut off & 3' of sandpapered leader. SHARK & it's not the first time I've had them eat the jig. Some peanuts showed up & ate some freebies, no point in catching them as they were peanuts. Then the flats started going off. Next angler on the rod. I noticed there was a good black fin wiggle on the rod tip. Ended up landing one BLFT. 
 With the sun setting & a hour plus ride home it was time to call it. No current & wind made for a smooth run back. The ballyhoo were jumping in our wake & illuminated by the underwater lights most of the way back south. 


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