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Tarpon at the jetties?

ukdupukdup Posts: 37 Deckhand
Has anyone had any luck with tarpon at the jetties or off the beach this year?  I would like to improve my luck tarpon fishing and would appreciate any advice or tips from anyone who knows the ropes. 


  • creekgeekcreekgeek Posts: 980 Officer
    my daughter and I watched someone fighting a whopper outside st aug last Friday just out past the sea bouy. They hooked up in the bycatch of a shrimp boat and we sat there and watched huge ones gulping dead fish after dead fish.
  • BattlefishBattlefish Jacksonville, FLPosts: 33 Deckhand
    Sharks behind the shrimp boats. 
  • Snook-fil-ASnook-fil-A Posts: 40 Deckhand
    Mayport Jetties, St. Aug inlet, vilano bridge, bridge of lions are all good spots right now. Sunrise, dusk, or after dark for your best chances. I use live and cut bait. Met some pogies or good sized mullet. Have a couple free lines on top and a couple down on the bottom. I do 1 cut, 1 live on the bottom and 2 free lined. See what gets hit. If it’s the free lined ones, I switch to all free lined. For Mayport jetties, id fish the tips of the jetty.

    @Morocco_madness seems to be the master so hopefully he will chime in too! Any other questions just ask! I don’t know much but am willing to share what I do know. Nothing more exciting than seeing a Tarpon jump on the end of your line! 
  • ukdupukdup Posts: 37 Deckhand
    Thanks guys.   Snook, What pound test leader are you using?  What is your setup for the bottom rigs?  I appreciate the help.
  • rmangesrmanges Posts: 11 Deckhand
    Try the search tool or Google. All your questions have been answered on this forum.
    Tarpon fishing is not for the lazy or uninformed. It can be dangerous to you and harmful to the fish if you are unprepared. Please think through the entire scenario from catching bail to landing the fish. For the love of God don't use a lip gaff.
  • Snook-fil-ASnook-fil-A Posts: 40 Deckhand
    I personally use 80lb mono leader, especially on bottom rigs. A lot of people get away with 60lb. For the bottom rig, get a 3 way swivel, tie 1 end to your main line, another end to your leader (4-6foot) and then a shorter (12-18”) piece to the last spot on the swivel. Tie a big loop knot on the bottom of the short piece and loop a bank sinker on. You’ll probably need a good 16oz if the current is cranking 
  • ukdupukdup Posts: 37 Deckhand
    Thank you for the replies.  Good info Snook.  Rmanges I am not lazy and trying to be well informed, hence the post.  Your idea to search the forum is good so thanks for that.  
  • RadJagRadJag Posts: 49 Deckhand
    Consider hiring Morocco Madness for a trip out to learn how to tarpon fish here. He’s very, very good
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