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Yamaha Master Mechanic Miami

Need someone to please refer me or recommend me a Yamaha Master Mechanic. I have a 250HPDI that I am having issues with and would really like to get this issue resolved correctly. 

Issue: engine seems to be stuck in safe mode. 
she has no power, doesn't plane. 
I have gone through the entire fuel system and filters including mystery filters. I have sent injectors to get serviced. I have gone through the entire cooling system. changed shift position switch, then took to two mechanics and still same problems. 


  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,795 Captain
    Take it to Seapower Miami - Jack Rupp is the owner and should be able to sort you out.... (305) 238-1386
    Tight Lines
    Bob LeMay
    (954) 435-5666
  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 610 Officer
    What prompted the safe mode? high temp, oil, water on the fuel? Computer faults? 
  • Reel TeaseReel Tease Posts: 666 Officer
     a high temp alarm, changed impeller, thermos and poppet valve. no more high temp or alarm but seems stuck in that low rpm mode. 
    no faults on the computer hookup. I think its called yds 
  • Reel TeaseReel Tease Posts: 666 Officer
    just wanted to update this post for future searches.
    think the issue came down to dirty injectors. Sending them out to clean. Nestor from prestige Marine (Recommended from THT) helped me with the diagnosis. 
  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 610 Officer
    edited June 27 #6
    ???? could not tell you, not sure that dirty injectors will send the engine in safe mode, but, if you are going to send injector to clean I recommended Fuel Injector Man in Naples  1-888-771-Fuel ( 3835 )
  • wonderboywonderboy Posts: 67 Deckhand
    Call Carlos at Strictlyyamaha. 786/344-9035. www.syamaha.com
    2380 NW 21st Terrace. Miami, FL. He's very good and a Master Yamaha Tech. 
  • Reel TeaseReel Tease Posts: 666 Officer
    I will keep all these helpful referrals in my backup plan. 
    I took it to a lake and held her open WOT would not pass 3000 RPM (why I thought it seemed to be stuck in safe mode) I took the cowling and the air restricter off to expose the throttle bodies. while still in WOT I sprayed starter fluid and noticed she got up to 5500rpms. I noticed it was only a few of the carbs that would respond to the starter fluid so I removed the injectors and swapped them port to starboard. The problem moved when sprayed the starter fluid which is what made us believe the injectors where the culprit dirty/ restricting fuel. 
    I sent them off today to get service I will post back when I try them out again. 
  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 610 Officer
    Ok injectors then, what you call carbs is the throttle body, let us know if that solve your problem  
  • hhfishermanhhfisherman Posts: 152 Deckhand
    You said you already sent the injectors for service. And took to two mechanics and they still couldn't find the problem.
    A clogged/dirty fuel injectors issue should be very easy to diagnose and fixed. I hoped that this is the problem and you will get it fixed.
    I wondered why the mechanics worked on your engine earlier were not able to find the problem.
  • Reel TeaseReel Tease Posts: 666 Officer
    So just wanted to update the post. Got the injectors back and replaced the 4 mystery filters in the high pressure pump. took the boat out yesterday and she ran like new. But..... she ran good for about 45 min and then I started noticing she was losing RPMs little by little over a span of 10-15minutes. after that she was back off plane and started the same issues. 
    I am going to change the High Pressure mystery filters again and run her off a separate tank. at this point I think the gas may be the issue. possibly filled up at a contaminated station and pickup dirty fuel (no water) and clogging those 2 micron filters. I always use Rec90. I am also thinking of changing my spin on fuel/water filter to a razor 2 micron. 
    lets see what happens

  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 610 Officer
    Carlos, I don't think it is the fuel, 45 minutes is long for the fuel start giving problems in 45 minutes you should have burned at list 5 or 6 gallons, instead it could be that the HP fuel pump is giving up, starts failing as it gets hot or you have one or more injectors that are getting open as its gets hot, what year is your engine?, 2 microns is to restrictive, ten is the industry standard.  
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