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    Pretty cool but no fish to shoot. 
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    It’s illegal to spearfish with rebreathers. But you are correct most artificial wrecks are fished to death.  45 years ago i would see more fish during a 12 min dive to a wreck off Miami sitting erect in 125 ft then all the dives put together in the above video.

      In my diving days we would dive wrecks to 125’ off Miami with just one steel 72 cui inch tank that only could be filled to 2200 phi. We never had enough air to do a safety stop. We seldom could go any deeper then the top deck of a wreck that was sitting erect in 110 to 125 ft. depths, since our bottom time was normally just 12 minutes.  Free assenting or buddy breathing with several divers was not unheard of.  I had to make two free ascents due to mishaps. One was only in 60 feet and the other was in 98 feet. Had another problem and had to buddy breathe with two other divers on the Almerante ship off Elliott key that sits erect in 125.ft. When 80 cui alum tanks came out we thought they were marvelous. but the downside was we could now get into more trouble then just running out of air, since the extra air meant we could get into decompression dives very easily and not have enough air for the necessary decom stops. Then diving computers were developed and that helped save lives. If I was younger I would be doing these high tech re=breather dives for sure.

     Professional level video Mike.

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    Not illegal to spearfish on rebreathers in Federal waters.  I know some guys who do it on the west coast.  Of course, in many places over here 9 miles offshore is still quite shallow.
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    Correct about Federal waters. I was referring to the video above of the ships sunk offshfore of Ft. Lauderdale which are in state waters. Most artificial reefs offshore of Florida;s east coast are in state waters.
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    Great video Mike!
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    Wow! Nice video! Tell me about your scooter. Seems easy to maneuver with one hand. Where is it attached? Clip on belt?
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    One diver seems to be using a Magnus DPV.  The single model runs about $7000, and a double retails for $14000 in 2019.  The 7K model can pull a diver for 8 miles. They  incorporate a belt the diver wears that is attached to the DPV by a clip.
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