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Mark Cuban makes some sense



  • SaltwaterdawgSaltwaterdawg Too far from the gulfPosts: 1,190 Officer
    There  having a field day over their with they’re grammar checks. 
  • navigator2navigator2 Posts: 22,509 AG
    dave44 said:
    By the title I am wondering, is someone suggesting that the government gives away free gobs of cash to anyone that will spend it in an effort to help private business?
        I’m not sure that’s really using “common sense”, actually it sounds like someone may be pushing for a soft sell on socialism.
        There must be Conservative capitalists out there with a better idea than this.
    "Free stuff" is the opiate of the masses. Cuban got lucky. He worked very hard at first, but. ....The first couple of million is the hard part, the billions not so much. People don't understand that.
  • Big BatteryBig Battery Posts: 20,241 AG
    Businesses have to stop requiring masks and separation....they only promote thecfear that is harming their business.

    Remember, Amazon and all media dont care about your fear and actually thrive on your fear.

    Who gains from fear?
    It's not really fear that's driving business to take prudent steps to slow the spread -- it's prudence.

    As for who gain from their efforts, that's easy: The people who don't contract and/or die from the disease as a result.

    But I know that Amazon and the MSM are your boogey men, and you think everything is about wrecking the economy and swaying an election, so please continue -- but I think you left out the Chinese.

    I said they were creating fear. There is no need for a mask unless you are vulnerable and then you should stay home. The age group from 29 to 45 is terrified of their own shadow.
  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 16,988 AG
    edited June 2 #36
    There is plenty of need for masks.  Just ask any doctor (or epidemiologist) -- you know, the guys who wear masks these days when you go see them.

    Or maybe read this: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/early/2020/06/02/science.abc6197

    But of course, you don't believe any of them.  You'd rather freak out, spread disinformation, bad predictions, and conspiracy theories...and then call everyone else fearful.

    It's much easier than empathy or simply admitting you were wrong, apparently.
  • johnpowersjohnpowers BayPosts: 2,898 Captain
    Is there a graphic that shows how those masks work with pepper spray or tear gas?
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