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Hewes Bonefisher Project

loganboatsloganboats South Florida Posts: 3 Greenhorn
I’m Logan and I’m 16 I’ve started working on a 1979 16ft Hewes Bonefisher that I recently bought as a project to finish building and get out on the water. When I got the boat already had new floors put in and stringers for the deck.  It also came with a Yamaha 90 that needed a lower unit and much other mechanical work and luckily I managed to get a good deal on a Bobs Machine jack plate and Mercury 115. So now I need to focus on how to build out my deck and with what material. Everything so far has been made of honey comb board. I have some pictures but I will post better ones once I can get some. I was also wondering if it would be better to do a one piece deck out of a mold or to get one cut out. If anyone can help I would appreciate it this is my first time working on a boat and I’m also on budget but I want to make sure I do the deck the right way. 
Thanks ✌🏻


  • polliwogpolliwog Posts: 290 Deckhand
    You should go on the Maverick Boat group   web site that has many people who have restored your boat as well as other Hewes boats.  These are boats that are unique.  Maverick owns Hewes and pathfinder as well as produces Maverick boats  Good luck
  • loganboatsloganboats South Florida Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    I’ll check it out, thanks!
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,237 Captain
    Keep us updated... can't wait to see your progress!
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  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 594 Officer
    That's quite a Project Mr. good for you, let us how it goes Cheers 
  • tarpon41tarpon41 Posts: 247 Deckhand
    My first suggestion would have been rehab the 90 Yamaha if the block was good  and I think you have  too much weight on your stern for a '79 16 Hewes...115 and a jack plate...this is a flats boat at 16...I think the 16s were the old 17s with the stern transom bait wells removed.  Look at the old Hewes in water pictures at rest they always were stern down.  You will need allot of transom re-enforcement to hold that 115 jacked high from leaving the boat 
  • loganboatsloganboats South Florida Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    So I got some Nida Core and I’m going to begin to trace out my deck. I’m still deciding on how I’m going to make the hatches and the placement of them. @tarpon41 i agree the 115 is definitely an increase in the weight but my transom is super beefy and I plan on building up some transom braces to hold all that extra weight. I was encouraged by many pictures I’ve seen with bigger Yamahas on the Bonefisher.
  • tarpon41tarpon41 Posts: 247 Deckhand
    During the early days of one of the guides I used out of Key West had a jack plate on a Maverick with an engine within mfg limits.  The transom did not take the additional stress of running at speed in the Key West area sea conditions...particularly crossing the major channels  west of Key West...additionally a concern would be how much free-board you would/will have at the transom after your build out...with or w/o polling tower? or just polling from the stern without tower... what about at anchor in a tide/current and wind situation would there be enough free board at the transom so that the stern would ride the chop/sea rather than the sea washing over the transom ...
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