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Three black fins in an hour again solo trip again on Thursday.

I posted a week ago and decided to go out again after the rains yesterday. So me and my Hewes Redfisher and my two trolling rods headed offshore again.Left the inlet this time at 6 PM came back to in the inlet at 7:30.Again all I trolled was a daisy chains which were blue and silver 4 inch rubber skirts.Not quite sure how deep I was given that my Garman was on his way back from Garmin after being repaired. I basically just looked at the boats and zigzagged around looking for a bust.10 minutes out rod down port side and I got another nice Blackfin tuna not quite as big as last weeks but a nice mid teen tuna. I also caught two more footballs one was about 7 pounds so I kept it. No brainer easy I’m making Seared tuna for two households tomorrow. I get all my stuff from the local Sushi joint. Also noticing that a lot of people are drifting with Pilchards Gogs vertical jigs etc.And for the people that are trolling we are not trolling as fast as I am. I try to stay over nine knots up to 10 to 11 maybe 12. **** easy no light bait and seems to be a consistent bite. Good luck


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