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Cooking bluefish

I see on a lot of reports from the surf fishermen and see pictures of the fish they keep.  I have always considered bluefish as a trash fish and we no good to eat.   But I see you guys keeping them.  How are you cooking them?  Are they any good?


  • StoneTempleStoneTemple Posts: 47 Deckhand
    I used to keep and cook them.   I used to blacken them.  I think anything blackened is good.  

    However about 10 years ago i left a whole bluefish on a plate in the refrigerator til tomorrow.  Well when i took it out the next day all the worms in the fish had crawled out and were laying on the plate.  I dont eat bluefish anymore.  
  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 2,722 Captain
    I tried one once.  A small one and I bled it.  I've had worse.  But also haven't kept another since.
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  • mikeg32225mikeg32225 Posts: 567 Officer
    I smoked them
    turned out pretty good
    actually brought them smoked to friends houses and they liked them
  • bswivbswiv Posts: 7,868 Admiral
    We caught a few while tossing lures for trout the other day and as we planned to grill the trout the next day decided to keep 3-4, start the grill early and smoke them.

    Leaving the scales on we split them just as you would a mullet, removing the head. Made a brine up and set them in it in the refrigerator over night. Next morning pulled them out and let them drip off for a few minutes before basting them down with melted butter and pepper.

    Normally I'd add some other seasoned salt to anything going on the grill, and olive oil too, but with the brine there is a little retained salt. The brine also firms up the meat.

    Low smokey fire for about 4 hours with a number of rebastings with the butter.

    Well worth the effort.

    They can also be cured just as you'd do with salmon. 

    The fry and bake okay......but......if you are not going to do that within a day or two just let them go and for goodness sakes don't freeze them and expect much.
  • Sea-SquatchSea-Squatch Posts: 1,870 Captain
    I rarely keep them. It's usually because I kept 1 whiting, and need some other fish to make a meal. They have to be eaten fresh, bled, and blood line removed. They taste fine ,when blackened or hammered w/ taco seasoning, for fish tacos.

  • MCR3MCR3 Posts: 13 Deckhand
    I cooked a smaller one once out of curiosity after reading posts on the forum.  Plus, my daughter (8 at the time) caught it and wanted to keep, so that’s our rule - eat what you kill.  Smaller fish, ate the same day.  Filleted the fish and removed any hint of bloodline.  Sautéed in olive oil with salt, lemon and pepper, similar to how I cook pompano- actually wasn’t bad.  
  • RedactionRedaction Posts: 1,595 Captain
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    Many years ago we had a spring run of 10 to 14lbs blues invade Hanna Park. We caught them for a month straight off the beach. The now wife was in FS action spotter holding a 13lber.  I need to find that issue and post a pic. Anyway, we ate many of them. We’d bleed’m them cut the bloodline out, marinade it in Newman’s own 1000 Island Dressing, then grill them. They were good. 

    We went back there every spring for years, never caught them that big again. 
  • PangamanPangaman Posts: 868 Officer
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    Nice, that picture reminds me when I was a 10 year old kid in Rhode Island. My mom would drop me off at the breakwater and I would climb out on the rocks to fish. Caught a 15 pound bluefish on a popper. My mom said I looked like I was on drugs I was so happy with my fish. My dad called it into the local paper and it was posted in the fishing report. I was hooked for life. Some people like the fishy oily taste of the bluefish. I would always give mine to my aunt. It was her favorite fish to eat. My lady is Puerto Rican and her favorite fish is kingfish, they eat it at special occasions in Puerto Rico. She would probably like the bluefish. 
  • TrevfishinTrevfishin In my mind I'm in my kayak fishing, unfortunately physically I'm at work :(Posts: 722 Officer
    Bleed, filet, let it sit in buttermilk, dredge in flour, panko and old bay, pan fry, taste as good as any other fried fish.

    Made the mistake of going on a fishing trip with 6 other guys to Little Gasparilla 8 years ago, when we got there we walked into a short blue blitz.  Caught like 5 or 6 in a matter of minutes and threw them all back.  The guys asked why, I said they were oily and not good to eat.  4 days later I gut hooked one so I kept it along with a few others.  Did the above with it and they all claimed it was one of the better tasting fish they had that week.  Will never live that down!  Oh, we ate trout, spanish, snook, and flounder that week.
  • TheDude77TheDude77 Ormond BeachPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    I haven’t ate bluefish since I was a kid I couldn’t stand it. My wife is from Chicago so she’s never had bluefish before and we caught 4 yesterday and she wanted to try it so I brought them home I usually toss them back when I fish alone but I figured she will try it and that’s the last I hear of blue fish aka trash fish. I couldn’t think of anyway to cook it so I call my brother up he’s a chef and told me that’s it’s really good fish if done right with no fishy taste. Here’s how we did it and it was delicious. So right away it must be bled and put on ice right away gutting is optional. Taking the bloodline out is required to get the fish taste out. Acid is the secret to get the fish taste out. So my brother told me to do a marinade of orange juice lemon juice lime juice olive oil garlic And salt and pepper or old bay or a Cajun seasoning let sit for 30 minutes grill it or on the pan. I can tell you I won’t be tossing blues back it was delicious 
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