Past Few Weeks Out Of Palm Beach and Jupiter...

Instead of writing a report for each individual trip I've done in the last few weeks i decided to just put up some pictures of each trip and give a little info on just about each one. All of these trips were just off Jupiter and Palm Beach Inlets and each trip we were live baiting with either Pilchards or Sardines.

I took my little sister Bobbie out the weekend before her 15th birthday for a little fishin trip. This is her with her first kingfish.
and a little porgy.

A week later I took her out to get her a new spinner so she could go offshore and have her "OWN" rod. Me and Pops decided to take her out and see if we could break in her new rod in the right way....
[IMG] _n.jpg[/IMG]
Sure as s***, the first fish she got on the new rod was a 24lbs Kingfish!
[IMG] _n.jpg[/IMG]
...and she landed her first dolphin! But it was a little too small.
[IMG] _n.jpg[/IMG]


After a week or so Me and my good buddy Frankie decided to go out on a day we each had off from work and do a little fishing since we hadent been in a while.

[IMG] jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] _n.jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] jpg[/IMG]

[IMG] _n.jpg[/IMG]


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