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Midday gobbler

turkeymanturkeyman Fort whitePosts: 84 Deckhand
I heard a bird at daylight gobble one time.  At 7:45 a hen flies over me.  She was in a tree about 40 yards on my right watching me.  I am sure she was laughing at me before she flew.
  After that I don't hear anything until 12:20,  a hard gobble to my left about 300 yards. I cut at him and he gobbles. I wait a couple minutes and hit him again and he cuts me off with a gobble and he's closed the distance. I am sure I had a smile on my ugly mug by this time.  I wait another minute or so and yelp at him and now there's two gobbles back to back and he sounds within a 100 yards. I ease myself slowly to my left and and in a few seconds I see not one but three long beards about 40 yards from me.  They move down my left side, two of them see the decoys and make a bee line to the jake. I shoot the first bird, the other two run off and stop not far at all from me.  They walk back in to my jake decoy. I get my phone out and take few pictures before they walk off.  I shot the gobbler at 12:32. 
Quick but an exciting hunt. 



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