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Eventful afternoon but no success

ducknfishducknfish Posts: 3,821 Officer
At 5:30 I had a bobcat come through. I knew something was coming for 20 minutes because of the chorus of squirrels barking at it from my North. The squirrel music got closer and closer and out he slipped. Walked 20 yards in front of me. I had that thought, last time I saw a bobcat I also saw a buck, maybe that will happen again. The squirrels decided it was close enough to dark to just stay in the trees after the cat came through so It was nice and quiet down below for the last half hour. With about 10-15 minutes of legal light I hear deer. They are moving faster than the cautious does do in here. Got the gun up and ready. The noise is coming from behind me to my SW. Wind is blowing NW and the trail it sounds like they are on opens up into the bottom I'm sitting on the edge of about 25 yards to my right. I'm getting excited now. I can hear him grunting every couple of steps.
Because they are deer and deer don't ever do what you expect them to the doe crosses into the thick cabbage palms behind me at 50 yards and I never see but glimpses of her. The buck I saw more of but never saw the headgear. Then at last light I have one come feed under me and keep me sitting an extra 20 minutes before it feeds off.
Went to leave and found that someone had removed about half of the reflecotors I use to mark my trail. I've walked it enough now to not have to have them but it sure is annoying to have someone do that. Now I'm actually gonna have to pay attention when I'm half asleep in the morning.
Glad I took tomorrow off, maybe it will happen.


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