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Revisiting offshore boat gear "needs" to rig...

So, WE WILL be back to the coast. Let's revisit the post about boat gear. Here's the list from the old post? Anything to add??
Kind of a rehash, but figured it would make for some good conversation and consideration. So the boat is ready for the water but is a "blank slate". What are must haves? This is considering:
1.The boat is 19' with minimal storage
2. main use is fishing, with some diving
3. Most trips will be inside 30 miles 1 way

This can fall into several categories.

Here's a few off the top of my head:
Ditch bag (handheld GPS and VHF, Reflector, whistle, vertical "hot dog", rope)
Small first aid kit
Life jackets(6) and throw cushion
Fire extinguisher
Phone charger
flare gun/flares

Ruler(fish measure)
Wreck anchor/300' rope plus chain
Bait knives(2)
bait net


Spare anchor/rope?
Spare livewell/fish box plugs
Anchor ball
spare fuses
kill switch lanyard

This was off the top of my head. What ya got?


  • SaltygatorvetSaltygatorvet TallahasseePosts: 4,971 Captain
    I pilot
    You should have been here yesterday
  • CranfieldCranfield Posts: 1,470 Officer
    A decent landing net (sea grade) , telescopic handle , solid rim and approx. 30" x 36" deep.
    We find them much easier to use than a gaff, plus it protects the fish for release, or protects the meat for eating. 
  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 14,371 AG
    Multiple dehookers. I've been on trips where as many as 3 were being used at the same time.

    I like Cran's idea too. 

    Bottle of peroxide and or alcohol

    agree with spare anchor/rope and rig them both where they will break away (tie wraps) while pulling on them with the boat if the get hung 

    Tools- yes, including cutters that will cut hooks for sure.
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  • SloughSlough S.w. Ga./ St. JamesPosts: 5,245 Admiral
    Spray bleach cleaner besides boat, use it on you hands after being finned by fish.
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  • ferris1248ferris1248 Posts: 7,222 Moderator
    Some vacuum sealed protein bars for the ditch kit.

    Some vacuum sealed Cohibas for the ride home.
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  • JTRJTR Posts: 1,181 Officer
    N95 mask
    Latex gloves
    Hand sanitizer

  • kgfisherkgfisher Posts: 639 Officer
    venting tool
    hand towels
    fishing pliers
    portable ceviche kit...
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  • demersalangelerdemersalangeler SE FLORIDA Posts: 330 Deckhand
     Depending on how far you plan on going off shore, type off fishing, engine, and exetra. 
    *spare prop. For the Yamaha that suddenly looses the prop while under way. While the inner hub, and nut remain there. 
    *spare prop shaft castle nut. For when it is dropped 15 plus miles out with a offshore wind. 
    *spare cotter pin for prop. For when you discover the steel one is gone. 
    *bolt cutters for the big Wahoo hook in your buds foot.(cover in oil, and vacuum seal in a bag.)
    *really good GPS. 
    *compass/spare compass. 
    *hose barb fitting, and hose clamps. For bypassing filters, primer ball, and such. 
    *spare sun glasses. 
    *spare lighter. 
    *spare drain plug. 
    *spare electrical connectors, and crimper.(cover in oil, and vacuum seal in a bag.)
    *bright colored bucket for bailing out your boat when you suddenly discover its sinking. 
    *bright colored bucket for waiving at seatow as he drives by as you are sinking. 
    *vessel name and owner name/family contact information. Written on cushions/life jackets. To assist in identification of floating debris. 

     Ummmm... I think I am still forgetting something. 

     These things are not because I wish them to happen, but rather preparedness for when they do.
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  • TheMelManTheMelMan SoWeGAPosts: 47 Deckhand
    JTR said:
    N95 mask
    Latex gloves
    Hand sanitizer

    Is it true cobia carry covid virus??   They look a little oriental........
  • JTRJTR Posts: 1,181 Officer
    TheMelMan said:
    JTR said:
    N95 mask
    Latex gloves
    Hand sanitizer

    Is it true cobia carry covid virus??   They look a little oriental........
    Beware of the ling!  ;)
  • CranfieldCranfield Posts: 1,470 Officer
    A trolling motor...................................for those really windy days.:)
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