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Western Australia - amazing fishing

xeniaxenia Posts: 828 Officer
Saw a show from Exmouth , Western Australia.  Amazing fishing with great variety not too far from shore, all with lures.  Everything from tuna to mackerel to snapper like things, and some stuff that I have no idea what they are.  This is not surprise.  Western Australia comprises over 1 million square miles, about 1/3 the entire continent, and the population is 2.6 million, or about the same as Miami-Dade County.  No wonder they have such great fishing.  I frequently hear or see the phrase "Florida, the fishing capital of the world", and now I know what it means.  We may be the FISHING capital of the world, but we are not the CATCHING capital of the world.  That honor goes to any of many other spots around the glove that kick our butts when it comes to the quality and quantity of fish that swim in their waters.


  • tankeredtankered Gainesvill, FlPosts: 547 Officer
    I'm not saying the fishing isn't great, but drawing all these conclusions from one fishing show is a bit...much.
  • xeniaxenia Posts: 828 Officer
    Check out Black Marlin Blog to get a better idea of how good the fishing is off Australia.  Add to that 45 years of fishing off S. Florida and seeing how bad it's gotten off here and I CAN draw conclusions.
  • captbonefishcaptbonefish UmatilaPosts: 910 Officer
    I'll get punished for this, but here I catch a super grand slam every day. Not leaving the beach. We have to run maybe two miles, to catch another SGS offshore, the other one. There are many unreal fishing destinations. 
  • xeniaxenia Posts: 828 Officer
    A close friend of mine was stationed at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and the fishing stories he has are unbelievable if you've only fished the cesspool we call South Florida.  60+ wahoo days, casting for tuna from the shore, marlin, giant trevally, Spanish mackerel (the ones that get to over 100 lbs), on and on. I think there are a lot of places around the world with spectacular fishing. Hopefully they won't get overfished like what we did to our local waters.
  • xeniaxenia Posts: 828 Officer
    My dad fished the north coast of Cuba from the early 1940s to late 1960s, and despite using primitive gear his catches were amazing.  For example, when he did go Mahi fishing, he'd catch 100 fish and not one was under 10 lbs. Average size was about 20 lbs, with a few in the 30-40 lb range.  He'd have 100 pre-baited lines ready so when they got into the school, it was just a matter of throwing one line in the water as you pulled in the previous one.  When they'd use up every line, they'd head in with 100 mahi averaging 20 lbs.  Do the math.  When he saw the size of the mahi here he was amazed how small they were. He refused to fish for them because they were too small!  Off places like Brazil and Ecuador they are still catching the hell out of Mahi averaging 15-20 lbs.  I know, I see their cores being brought into local fish markets.  Are there any Mahi or Tuna purse seiners off S. FL?  There's your answer.
  • CaptJCaptJ Posts: 1,249 Officer
    Thing is that Mahi fishing was about that good right here in the late 60's early 70's. We would just go from school to school looking for the size we wanted. Could have caught as many as we wanted. Now they get caught before they get here. Also, lack of forage fish contribute to the lack of bigger fish. Fishing in the Atlantic side of the caribbean is way down from what it was a few years back with pockets of great fishing still out there in the less populated areas. I know because my business travels up to a couple of years ago took me throughout the area. I still have many friends/clients who love to fish and we keep up with each other regularly. I generally catch more here than they do down there. Do they have more shots at big pelagics such as Marlin and Wahoo and Tuna? - of course, but these are seasonal for them as well. Day to day fishing is not what it used to be on our side.
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,166 AG
    I have yet to see a show....or read a website....where the guide says " Fishing stinks here " 

    I also do not put stock in " tales from the tackle shop " ..... 

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