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one hr slam

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Left the boat at home the other morning, fished down in Clearwater. Had a huge snook eat my pinfish, rod bent, lined ripped off spool, but she was not hooked. Threw back into same spot and saw the silver flashes and take, but it was a real nice trout, about 23 in. Back she went. Switched spots and had another huge snook follow but no take threw right back in and wham! Thought it was that snook, but a nice, fat upper slot red. Needed that snook to round out a slam. one minute later this little guy came ashore.  Had to land fishes in some serious rip rap, never thought i'd get that red up, out and over the rocks. released to fight another day!
(Snook reds and trout are closed again/still this year). Bottom of the tide, both sides.


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