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Key jumping

  This week,a friend of mine and myself were going down
jumping from point to point starting with Whitehorse, 
then Camp Lulu,Indian,Kingston,William Jewell and 
finally Comer.That is,we move on because slow or no
   All the GPS coordinates are plugged in along with
park permit and National Park cards.Will let you know
how we did.


  • 10kman10kman Posts: 587 Officer
      Ok.I'm  back.Fishing not great,poor tide.Fish
    William Jewell.Jack Daniels and went by Camp
    Lulu.Never did find Comer,I casually suggested
    he may have put in wrong way point.He was
    convinced Comer was under water and now
    a sandbar.
        Then we went into backcountry and much
    better luck there.

  • JW_YakAnglerJW_YakAngler NaplesPosts: 202 Deckhand
    Comer can look like a sandbar at times, and is fully submerged sometimes too, but there are limestone ledges around it too, so more to it than just sand, just no mangroves on it to make it easier to find.
    Agreed on better fishing on the Choko bay side of the islands. I saw reds all the way up on the everglades city side of the bay, right by the ranger station, but fish are in the passes now too, so the transition to outside is beginning.
    My YouTube channel: JakeW YakAngler
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