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South FL - Fishing Tackle Store CLEANOUT - Rapala MirroLure GULP New Lures For Sale

I bought an entire store inventory and am looking for someone to take it all as is before I put the effort into selling it in smaller lots. There is about 50/50 freshwater and saltwater tackle in the lot. Some of it is brand new in original boxes and others are brand new but for whatever reason separated and organized into tackle boxes. The photos show everything as I purchased it but as soon as I bought it around 10% was pulled out for my personal use.

Before I put in any pricing just wanted to give whoever might want it a chance to keep that information private if they want to list it in parts on here on their own. I am not in any rush to get rid of it so no low ball offers, if it doesn't sell quickly to one or 2 people in bulk I'll be re-posting in smaller more specialized lots and listing here and online. There is A LOT of equipment here including many new in box lures from Rapala and MirroLure which cost from $8-$30 per piece.

Around 20% of the entire lot is more focused on northern style fishing it seems, for trout, salmon, etc. I don't have much experience in this area but if someone only wanted that type of item I'd be happy to break them out and sell those separately more likely than the rest.

I am located in Fort Lauderdale right by Bass Pro Shops. If you have any specific questions you're welcome to message me here but it'd be better to email me at poplinfabrication "at" gmail.com or call (305) 798-569 nine



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