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Daiwa Seaborg Mega-Twin 800MJ

XafXaf Posts: 1,117 Officer
Does anyone have any experience with the Daiwa Seaborg Mega-Twin 800MJ electric reel?  Considering buying one and looking for comments good or bad.



  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 5,260 Moderator
    I believe you are confusing two reels.  Daiwa makes the Seaborg SB800MJ and another reel called the Mega-Twin, or at least they used to.  I don't see the Mega Twin in their 2019-2020 catalog.  I own and use the SB800MJ and really like it so far as I've used it.  I had a problem when I originally spooled it with 65# J Braid as the owners manual (Has to be downloaded) does not show a capacity for this line and the reel defaults at 600 yards.  I added another 250 yards, so it takes 850 of 65# J Braid.  When I dropped down, the line counter was off.  I returned the reel to Daiwa, explained what was happening  and they re-calibrated it for me, no charge.. 
    In Daiwa's defense, the manual does explain how to increase the default capacity, but having no idea what it would hold, I could not know what amount of capacity to set the reel for.  Additionally, in my uneducated opinion, the manual is hard to understand as to how to reset the capacity.  Works fine since being returned from Daiwa.
  • XafXaf Posts: 1,117 Officer
    Jack,  It is possible that I am confused.  (That happens a lot these days.  :D)  I was going by the nomenclature on TackleDirect.  They list them as Daiwa Seaborg Mega-Twin Electric Reels with 3 models 500MJ, 800MJ, & 1200MJ.  
    The Daiwa site says the new Seaborg has a totally redesigned system.... but I don't know when this occurred so I don't know if it is the exact same reel you have.
    Actually, I saw your post on THT concerning the SB800MJ and sent you a message last night with a couple questions.
    Which I'll ask below, hope you don'rt mind answering, 
    1.  Do you know if the 800MJ & 1200MJ are basically the same reel with different line capacity?
    2.  Would you agree that the 1200MJ would be overkill and too heavy to hold for deep dropping on Pulley and Rankin Ridge trips?
    3.  Does your 800MJ have a variable speed control similar to the Tanacom 1000?   
    I read a post that said they had to use the reel in low gear because they pulled to many hooks when using high gear, implying that there was no variable speed. This quote is the only thing I could find on Daiwa's  website, The new 
    Seaborg employs a totally redesigned system that allows the user to immediately switch between mega-power mode and mega-speed mode by simply touching a button. During retrieve or when battling a monster the new speed function switches smoothly and effortlessly. With this functionality, an angler can alternate to the best speed, depending on the situation.
    Would you happen to know if it uses the same cord as the Tanacom? (I have several extras) Also, have you had any issues with the power cord?

    Any comments, positive or negative, that you may have about these reels would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 5,260 Moderator
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    I answered above before I saw your email and post on THT.  To answer further, I believe the 800 and 1200 are the same reel with a larger line capacity.  Don't know about the drag but I believe both put out 44#.  I believe the motors are the same. 
    I have plenty of line with the 800.  I think one time I was there we dropped to 1200.  It would not be enough for daytime swordfishing but plenty good for bottom fishing on Pulley.

    Yes, there is a Power and Speed button on the 800 and it's easy to switch back and forth AND the speed is variable with a lever that is pushed forward from stopped to full speed.  A great feature in either power or speed mode.

    Daiwa makes 2 different cords.  They are the same except the plug size.  and the small one will not work with a reel that is made to take the bigger plug.   Most use a smaller plug.  I know the 500 Seaborg uses the smaller plug as do most of the Tanacoms.   The 800 and 1200 MJ's both use the larger plug  and I've "borrowed" a cord from the shop as a spare, just in case, that came from the Tanacom 1000 we had is stock, which also uses the larger plug.  I called Daiwa to make sure this would match and not harm the reel.

    I've broken off with my current spool and still have 640 yards which I believe is plenty of string for Pulley

    My only problem with the reel is the owners manual.  It's too complicated for my feeble mind to comprehend and understand. That's why I had a calibration problem.  BUT, that being said, you don't need the reel to be calibrated to fish it, it's just nice to know how much line is out, especially when bringing a fish up or when you want to know how much is left on the spool

    Actually, I'm sitting here looking at my 800MJ and on the top of the screen is the word "MEGATWIN"
  • XafXaf Posts: 1,117 Officer
    Thanks for the info Jack, exactly what I wanted to know.  I currently use a Tanacom 1000 with 2 spare cords, so it looks like I'm good in that department.  Once I get the 800MJ I'm going to use the Tanacom as backup and a loaner when friends go with me.

    Don't feel bad about the manual.  I still don't understand how to use most of the functions on my Tanacom.  Occasionally I  have to pull the manual out and go through it step by step to reset the reel.  I have a buddy who is a sports writer that actually does work for a couple Bow and tree-stand companies.  He goes over their manuals and re-writes them in language that most of us can understand. Daiwa needs to hire him.
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