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Garmin thru hull transducer

AnglerBecsAnglerBecs Golden Beach Florida Posts: 1 Greenhorn
Hey guys,

Replacing my single 300 with double 150’s this week. Figured while the boat was out of the water I’ll add a thru hull transducer to my Garmin 7212 among other upgrades. I’ve been on the Garmin site for an hour and just can’t seem to understand it all. I’m looking for a transducer that can be used on the reef with great detail as well as for deep drop for swordfish. Can spend up to 2000 on this if necessary. If one of you folks on the forum could help me that would be great. I want something that doesn’t protrude from the hull and something that will provide great detail. The boat is a heavily upgraded proline 24SS. 

Thanks for the help. 
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