Split Fishing Charter April

TobiasBTobiasB AmsterdamPosts: 4 Greenhorn
Hi Guys!

I am Tobias Barczyk from the Netherlands and i will be in Florida, key Largo, from the 8th of april to the 8th of may.

I will be visiting alone but i would love to do some fishing.  Now i have been looking around and it is hard to find affordable fishing charters, especially because the most don't do split charter.

Now my question. Is there anybody who i can join on a charter so we can split the prices? I am open for any kind of charter.
I am experienced so i don't get seasick:)

PS I am going to be fishing a lot and i have my own gear, if anybody would like to connect so we could fish together i would be very happy and grateful.

Many thanks and tight lines!



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