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North IRL - 2.9.20

Launched the skiff at Jones Ave. Ramp around 6:30AM. Slow bite. Went 7-7 on trout. 5 were under 14" 2 were over 17". The larger of the slots -- 18.5 was full of worms. The black drum I caught in the IRL about 2 months ago was also full of worms. Am I just getting unlucky? White worms -- not black. Long--about 3-4" if they don't break when pulling out of the meat.

Anyways, glad the trout bite was decent. Only fished 4 hours. No reds or snook though. Saw a few tarpon, couldn't get any takers on my gulps.

Tight Lines,


  • needtohuntmoreneedtohuntmore MelbournePosts: 268 Deckhand
    They cook just fine.  Added protein.
  • reelthunderreelthunder Posts: 281 Deckhand
    They cook just fine.  Added protein.

     I hope your kidding and if your not you must have a strong stomach!   no way no how  that's gross i am sorry only if i were starving and even then i would probably throw up 
  • needtohuntmoreneedtohuntmore MelbournePosts: 268 Deckhand
    edited February 13 #4
    Not joking, been eating them for years.  Good thing you don’t see all the worms they pull out of store bought fish.  Bear and some wild pork had a lot more worms you can’t see.  IMO, don’t waste the fish.
  • bluewater_feverbluewater_fever Posts: 133 Deckhand
    How does the water quality look in that area? Any seagrass?
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 20,739 AG
    The worms are parasites....they are harmless to humans.   You can pick them out if you are the squeamish type...
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  • reelthunderreelthunder Posts: 281 Deckhand
    edited February 14 #7
    well i would not be to sure about that my wife is in radiology she brought me a report  to read once because i eat sushi she does not the report was about a guy who ate some under cooked fish an had got a parasite from it a worm to be exact this little fella climbed into his brain and proceeded to make Swiss cheese out of it eating his way around .so yha i am a little squeamish about it for sure all i can say is cook the h#ll out of those little fellas before you eat.  goes for pork and chicken as well. 
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